Integrated Planning and Control (IPC): The Lost Art of Managing the Supply Chain

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There is a growing concern that many companies have neglected building organizational competency in Integrated Planning and Control. The resulting lack of institutional knowledge is causing companies needless erosion of operational and financial performance.

This one-hour webinar, recorded in May of 2012 provides an overview of IPC, a description of each element, and an explanation of how it connects to other business planning processes. We’ll address why IPC is critical in ensuring a company can meet customer expectations as well as the company’s financial expectations. 

Webinar participants will gain insights into improving operational performance, customer service, and financial bottom lines by properly executing an effective Integrated Planning and Control process.

Learning objectives:
  • Overview of IPC
  • Critical Elements of IPC
  • Costly Mistakes Without IPC
  • Top-line Benefits for CEO, CFO, CIO, and VP Operations/Supply Chain
Integrated Planning and Control competency:
  • Increases On-time Delivery
  • Reduces Inventory and Safety Stock
  • Increases Productivity
  • Saves on Procurement Costs
  • Improves Customer Service




Jim Correll - Integrated Planning and Control Expert Dennis Groves - Class A Business Coach

Jim Correll

Dennis Groves