Plans Are Nothing, Planning is Everything: Are You Prepared to Compete in Any Environment?

The COVID years showed us that the worldwide supply chain was unprepared for significant disruption, and recovery was just as challenging. Before the pandemic, many companies had been struggling to manage their supply chains. COVID exposed their weaknesses, revealing how unprepared they were to deal with the brute force that replaced best-practice planning and execution capability as the primary supply process.

In today’s ever-changing environment, businesses have realized that focusing on planning and preparation are essential to competing in any environment. Every business that does this well rises above their peers.

This webinar will focus on the top five key drivers of readiness to compete effectively in an ever-changing supply chain environment.

  1. Portfolio Complexity – Respond to changing environments.
  2. Master Data – A necessary topic to supply chain resilience.
  3. Integrated Planning – Integrated Business Planning (IBP) – an integrated approach.
  4. Inventory as a Result – A result of planned activity and execution, projected over the entire planning horizon vs. an independent variable managed by Finance.
  5. Activity Based Financial Outcome – Forward financial plans are derived from the planned activities of an integrated plan, vs. an independently created by Finance.