FastTrack to Results

When process performance inhibits expected business performance, improvements take on urgency. Time to results becomes imperative for business leaders. 

That’s why Oliver Wight works with clients to FastTrack improvements. The FastTrack to Results approach creates a laser focus on making specific improvements and achieving business results within an agreed upon time frame. 

The FastTrack to Results approach can jump-start improvement efforts. The financial results are used by some companies to fund additional improvements. Companies also develop the skills to improve as quickly as possible. 


What IFastTrack to Results 

FastTrack to Results is a structured way to implement urgent improvements and quickly realize financial and performance results. These efforts improve a company’s standing with customers, suppliers, and the Board.   

What to improve and the expected results are agreed upon at the start. Oliver Wight works closely with the assigned team members to learn how to make – and sustain – those improvements. 

The FastTrack to Results approach has been successful in quickly gaining improvements in the following processes: 

  • Demand Management 
  • Inventory Governance 
  • Integrated Tactical Planning 
  • Integrated Scenario Planning 
  • Assumption Management 
  • Integrated Planning and Control

How We Help 

Oliver Wight’s team of experts have first-hand experience in improving business processes. They know how to incrementally improve processes to realize business results as quickly as possible.  

We offer the following FastTrack to Results services: 

  • Advice and planning on what is feasible to improve quickly that will yield financial and business improvements 
  • A Diagnostic Review to evaluate the current issues and state of current processes 
  • An Executive Briefing as part of the Diagnostic Review to recommend improvements and a customized approach for a quick payback plan 
  • Facilitated workshops that educate and transfer knowledge with a deliverable of agreeing upon how to implement the needed changes. 
  • Coaching and mentoring, both in small groups and one-on-one, to help implement the needed changes and realize the business results. 

Value of FastTrack to Results 

FastTrack to Results approach can quickly breathe life into a process. It also alleviates pressure from customers, suppliers, and the Board 

FastTrack improvements show that a company has the ability to improve – and sustain those improvements. The experience in making the improvements builds the skills for making other improvements that contribute to business results. 

Insights on FastTrack to Results 

White paper: authored by Oliver Wight thought leaders explaining the “whys and the hows” of making business process improvements 

FastTrack Methodology