Integrated Business Planning (Advanced Sales & Operations Planning)

Disconnected plans and strategies breed sub-optimal performance in companies.  

For more than 30 years, business leaders have used Integrated Business Planning to connect strategy to portfolio, demand, supply, and resulting financial plans.  

The result: Improved business and financial performance. The foresight to adapt to changing business conditions. Leadership and management teams operating with unity. 


What is Integrated Business Planning 

Integrated Business Planning is a decision-making process to align strategy, portfolio, demand, supply, and resulting financials through a focused and exception-driven monthly re-planning process.  

The result is a single operating plan, over a 24+-month rolling horizon, which senior executives hold themselves and their teams accountable for achieving.   

Done well, it is the formal way that the business is managed, and strategy is connected to execution.
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How We Help  

Prior to joining Oliver Wight, our team of experts led IBP implementations where they were employed. They know what it takes to develop an effective IBP processThey also know how to utilize IBP to drive business and financial results.  

We offer the following IBP services: 

  • Advising, coaching, and mentoring on how to utilize the process to drive results 
  • Education and workshops to further understanding of best practices and how to design the process
  • Diagnostic and progress assessments to identify needed areas of improvement. These assessments address executive decision-making, people skills and behaviors, process, and information that supports IBP.

Value of Integrated Business Planning

IBP connects company functions and executive teams so that they are operating to one aligned plan. That means the business plans and strategies are executed with no surprises at year-end. 

With aligned innovation, demand, and supply plans, companies grow sales revenue while at the same time lowering operating costs. Companies realize more opportunity in the marketplace and an increase in market share by streamlining these plans. The supply organization better anticipates capacity needs, which improves its ability to fulfill orders on time.  

More credible information is given to the Board and The Street. That builds trust that the leadership team will deliver on their promises and goals. 

What Clients Say  

“Because of the way the process allows us to look ahead and be proactive, we can also see billions of dollars of opportunity cost savings way into the future. Our ROI will be measured in billions of dollars every year for the next decade.”   Jim Dwyer, U.S. Army Materiel Command – US Army Materiel Command success story  

“The IBP Management Business Review is one of the most valued activities for me. In ninety minutes, each month, we gain insights on the business challenges. We get visibility of gaps and how to close them. It helps inform me of the risks and opportunities in the business. It’s how we make sure we’re being responsive to customers and driving growth in revenue and profits.”  Tom Pigott, Chief Financial Officer, Marzetti and Lancaster Colony Corporation  Marzetti success story 

Insights on Integrated Business Planning 

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