Diagnostic Review

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how well business processes are performing. Some people think everything is just fine. Other people think processes are broken and inhibiting business success.

To sort out the true state of business processes, many companies reach out for an objective, outside evaluation 

The result of an Oliver Wight Diagnostic Review: You will know the areas of the business that do not meet industry best practices. You will also know what it will take to fix the issues – and in what order of priority.  


What IDiagnostic Review 

A Diagnostic Review compares a company’s business processes against best practice standards within the context of a company’s future vision and business goals. The Diagnostic Review answers the question: Are our business processes performing at the level needed to better compete, meet customer expectations, and achieve our financial and business goals? 

The deliverables from the review are recommendations, in the order of priority, for improving processes, skills and behaviors, and use of data and supporting tools.  

How We Help With A Diagnostic Review 

Our team of experts have led change and process improvement in companies prior to joining Oliver Wight. They understand best practices and how business processes should operate. They also have mature judgement on how to prioritize and successfully lead change in companies. 

We offer the following Diagnostic Review services:   

  • Advise and coach on how to conduct a worthwhile Diagnostic Review 
  • Conduct interviews of a broad range of people in a way that encourages candor 
  • Evaluate the findings against industry best practices and the company’s future vision 
  • Present the findings in an executive briefing that combines education on best practices and insights based on the evaluators’ experience 
  • Recommend priorities for improvements in process practices, people skills and behaviors, decision making roles, and performance measurements 

Value of Diagnostic Review 

An Oliver Wight Diagnostic Review gives business leaders a candid analysis of the business in its current state relative to best practices. Recommendations are practical and actionable. They are presented with education on best-practice concepts, principles, behaviors, and performance metrics. This gives the leadership team a foundation for making future decisions on improvements. 

Business leaders also receive insights on the potential return on investment from implementing or improving the business processes.  

Insights on Diagnostic Reviews  

Read more about the Diagnostic Review – download the brochure.