Class A Standard for Business Excellence

How good is good? How to get everyone working to the same metrics and expectations? How to drive the improvements needed to achieve business growth? 

Answering the above client questions spurred the late Oliver Wight to create Oliver Wight Class A Standards more than 40 years ago. Now in its Seventh Edition, Oliver Wight’s Class A standards set the high bar for performance excellence.

Companies that achieve Class A excellence are top performers in their industries. They consistently deliver sustainable business resultsshareholder satisfaction, and excellent customer service. 


What Is Class A Standard for Business Excellence

The Class A Standard for Business Excellence encompasses all business sectors and business processes. For each process, the standard defines benchmarks of excellence in strategy, integration, process, people, performance metrics, and use of analytics and technology.

The Class A Standards have been used in every business sector and by companies large and small to achieve outstanding, sustainable performance.

How We Help With Class A Standard for Business Excellence

Oliver Wight’s team of experts all have Class A experience in companies prior to joining Oliver Wight. They know how to guide companies on their Class A journey – and how to sustain the business results that come from Class A excellence.

We offer the following services for companies that aspire to Class A excellence:

  • Advising, coaching, and mentoring on how to embark on the journey to achieve the business results from Class A excellence.
  • Education and workshops on how to create milestones and the best path for making the improvements to operate in a Class A manner.
  • Diagnostic and progress assessments to identify needed areas of improvement and recognize Class A excellence.

Value of Class A Standard for Business Excellence

Companies that achieve Class A excellence not only improve business performance. They also use Class A standards to drive business transformation. They become formidable competitors. They are considered captains of their industry by customers. They also drive suppliers to improve their performance and to strengthen the performance of the supply chain overall.

What Clients Say About Class A Standard for Business Excellence

“Class A recognition was the consequence of having achieved a great performance and maturity in our Integrated Planning and Control processes. The improvement in our service level and profitability indicators demonstrated that these new ways of working were the right path for creating sustainable leadership in our industry.”   Carlos Agusto, Supply Chain Development Manager, Bavaria/SABMiller Latin America – SABMiller success story

“If you’re Class A, you know you’re doing things right; you’ve got a process in place that allows your organization to plan better, respond better, and be more efficient.”  David Frey, U.S. Army Materiel Command – US Army Materiel success story

“An operator asked me what Class A had done for the warehouse because it did not feel any different. I took the opportunity to point out we are now processing twice as many pallets and shipments and completing more than double the number of transactions as before – yet it did not feel twice as difficult!”  Stewart Prince, Warehouse and Logistics Operations Manager, Pfizer Havant (UK) – Pfizer Havant success story

Insights on Class A Standard for Business Excellence

Client Success Stories: Oliver Wight has a 50-year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the world’s best-known organizations.

Books: written by Oliver Wight thought leaders who have pioneered new thoughts and approaches to creating integrated, synchronized, and aligned business processes

The Oliver Wight Class A Standard for Business Excellence

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Achieving Class A Business Excellence