An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence


An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence


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Executives – and aspiring executives – face challenges with increased regulations and aggressive competition, as well as economic pressures. Increased costs of running a business, poor customer service, mismanaged inventories, and weak management processes are just some of those challenges. This new book provides perspectives on how to address those challenges utilizing the transformation capabilities of some of Oliver Wight’s most experienced coaches and educators.

This change management book, “An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence,” presents an explanation of improvement and change management processes which lead to increased sales revenue, improved cash flow, reduced costs, increased return on assets, and increased customer satisfaction. These robust integrated management processes allow business professionals to meet the demands of both customers and shareholders. This short (75 pages) guide offers answers to questions executives ask. The authors detail key principles on the path to Class A Business Excellence. They also describe some of the benefits of achieving Class A status, such as the ability of the executive team to focus on and execute their strategic plan, enhanced predictability and sustainability of results, and people working as natural, cross-functional teams.

Skillfully integrating people, processes, and tools can dramatically impact a business, but the people portion of the equation is the most important to arriving at the desired result, the authors write. In addition, gaining the support of senior executives to commit to the journey to Class A business excellence is the key predictor of success since the executives serve as both decision makers and role models for the rest of the company, driving change from the top. Based on thousands of discussions with executives, the queries posed in this question-and-answer format book aim to inspire others to learn more about the concepts behind Class A and the never-ending journey to strive for excellence.

This guide for executives accompanies the authors’ much more detailed book, “Achieving Class A Business Excellence,” written for team members and executives involved in the actual implementation of Class A Business Excellence.

Author Dennis Groves, who has more than 35 years of experience as a consultant and practitioner, serves as chairman of Oliver Wight Americas and president of Oliver Wight International. Among his successes are personally leading two Procter & Gamble North American businesses as well as companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer products, and chemical industries to Class A. Author Jim Correll served eight years as chairman of Oliver Wight Americas and co-chairman of Oliver Wight International. He helped more than 20 companies achieve Class A excellence. Author Kevin Herbert, a former executive for a global manufacturing company, joined Oliver Wight in 1998. His expertise spans both manufacturing and service industries. All three are published authors.

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