e-Book – Trust The Plan: Demand Management For Business Leaders

e-Book – Trust The Plan: Demand Management For Business Leaders




e-Book Version

Trust the Plan: Demand Management for Business Leaders

Trust is what separates companies with exceptional planning processes from those that are regularly frustrated by their planning processes. Business leaders can’t simply put their heads down and focus only on their own departments, they must trust and work with cross-functional counterparts to synchronize plans.

Weaving in an intricate case study throughout, Trust the Plan shows executives how to develop and lead Demand Management processes that are trustworthy and will enable business objectives to be achieved. Topics include the rationale for trustworthy planning; the difference between goals and plans; roles and responsibilities; and best practice characteristics of processes, performance measures, and individual capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Shows why cross-functional planning is an executive responsibility and a critical enabler for achieving business objectives in today’ s post-pandemic supply and demand world
  • Thoroughly explains Demand Management and the commercial roles and responsibilities that are essential to its successful implementation
  • Shares approaches and best practices for making plans relevant and trustworthy for different business stakeholders
  • Addresses the necessary resource capabilities (people and tools) needed for building next-level Demand Management capabilities

Also available in hard cover.

About the Author:

Greg Spira is an expert in Demand Management and Integrated Business Planning (IBP / S&OP). Greg works with companies to implement lasting change at all levels and across functions by building organizational capability and developing high-performing teams. Greg has written and co-authored many white papers on Demand Management and is an instructor of the Oliver Wight Demand Management course.