Integrated Business Planning Accelerator (IBP-A)

IBP Software Designed for Executive Decision Making

Speed up your Success with the IBP Accelerator from Oliver Wight. It shortens time to results with the preconfigured views needed to run IBP. The charts are presentation-ready with rich graphics that communicate issues and opportunities to management.

Rapid implementation in 90 days can be achieved for both the tool and the IBP process.

The tool can be loaded using spreadsheets from Excel, and the charts can be used in your first monthly cycle. A series of facilitated design workshops will tailor best practices to your specific business and leave the tool loaded with your data, ready to go.

Aggregate planning in IBP-A models your company’s demand, resulting financials, inventory, supply plans, and capacity. All the information is integrated–if demand goes up, then the revenue reflects that, as well as the supply volumes and asset capacity. No more disconnected planning processes–IBP-A won’t allow it! The result is more credible plans.

Scenarios are created simply and rapidly to illustrate business risks and opportunities. Multiple scenarios may be created on the fly without impacting your other systems. The users are in control of the data and they have a safe place to model “what if” scenarios.

Ease of Installation means this second generation tool has been designed to support IBP and S&OP quickly. It is more substantive, easier to install and more effective than ever before.

Best Practices are embedded in this tool, which Oliver Wight first brought to market 25 years ago. Because we are not a software company, we bring a practitioner’s sensibility and a focus on essential features, not bells and whistles.

Oliver Wight will provide a demo of the IBP-A upon request.

IBP-A Quick Guide


The Integrated Business Planning Accelerator (IBP-A) is offered as a compliment to Oliver Wight’s consulting services. Discover how your company can integrate all areas of the business with financials to present a more comprehensive view for analysis, gap identification, and reconciliation. For a personalized quote, please call (800) 258-3862.


Do you have a license of the IBP-A Tool and need support?  Click here for the IBP-A Support Website.