Integrated Tactical Planning




Does the executive team spend an inordinate amount of time solving problems to get product out the door? Or soothing customers when product is not delivered on time?   

Integrated Tactical Planning provides a chaos-free way for cross-functional teams to manage near-term changes to plans.  

The result: Daily “firefighting” is eliminated. Only in rare cases does the executive team intervene. They are free to do what they do best – position the company for future growth and profitability. 


What is Integrated Tactical Planning

Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP) is a middle-management process that routinely re-aligns and re-optimizes core process plans. Communication and decision-making are cross functional. It involves the product, demand, supply, and finance teams. With ITP, review and re-planning is done weekly, typically over a 13-week horizon.

How We Help With Integrated Tactical Planning

Oliver Wight’s team of Integrated Tactical Planning experts have first-hand experience with re-aligning near-term plans in the most optimal way. In their previous experiences, they have participated in tactical planning and execution across the various business functions.

We offer the following ITP services:

  • Advising, coaching, and mentoring on how to utilize the process to quickly problem solve and involve the product, demand, supply, and finance teams in decision-making.
  • Education and workshops to further understanding of best practices and how to design the process
  • Diagnostic and progress assessments to identify needed areas of improvement. These assessments address cross-functional communication, people skills and behaviors, and process

Value of Integrated Tactical Planning

With Integrated Tactical Planning, the executive team is assured that problems in executing previously agreed-upon monthly plans will be resolved.

Middle managers in product portfolio, demand, and supply functions are empowered to make decisions. They also know when decisions need to be escalated to senior levels. The financial implications of decisions to re-align and re-optimize are also considered.

The ITP process ultimately leads to improvements in customer service and inventory levels. Teamwork and collaboration across the company are also enhanced. Reliability in executing plans increases significantly.

What Clients Say About Integrated Tactical Planning

“For us this has truly been a game changer. Two huge wins are the accurate financial forecast and the improved efficiency (finding capacity).”  – Planning Manager, Medical Device Company

Client Success Stories:

Synlait Milk

Australian Food Manufacturer

Insights on Integrated Tactical Planning

ITP Scorecard: Take this short survey to rank your organization’s short term planning and execution processes.

Books: Authored by Oliver Wight Business Advisors from around the world – This book is written for executives and managers who find “firefighting” to ship product a daily struggle.

White papers: authored by Oliver Wight thought leaders explaining the “whys and the how’s” of making business process improvements.

Webcasts and Videos: by Oliver Wight educators on Integrated Tactical Planning.


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