Integrated Tactical Planning

Integrated Tactical Planning




Integrated Tactical Planning: Respond to Change, Increase Competitiveness, and Reduce Costs

by Rod Hozack, Stuart Harman, Todd Ferguson, and Dawn Howarth

This book is written for executives and managers who find “firefighting” to ship product a daily struggle.

Integrated Tactical Planning gives companies “the ability to re-plan quickly and accurately as circumstances change, and engage the right people, at the right level, in the right time horizon, to collaboratively agree to the change in plans,” the authors write.

When these functions work together to respond to change, execution improves without “firefighting.” Ultimately, business outcomes are more positive for the company and its customers and suppliers.

The book addresses the Integrated Tactical Planning process itself as well as what it takes to implement the process. The following key elements of Integrated Tactical Planning are addressed in the book:

  • Methods for improving reaction time and lowering costs when responding to near-term changes to customer orders and the availability of finished product and materials
  • How to include product portfolio changes and new product launches in near-term planning and execution, using Integrated Tactical Planning
  • Different design and deployment strategies, structures, and roles in Integrated Tactical Planning with a focus on process sustainability
  • Behavioral and performance requirements for Integrated Tactical Planning to improve competitiveness and reduce business costs
  • What it takes to successfully deploy Integrated Tactical Planning, illustrated with a comprehensive case study of an Oliver Wight client company

This book is also offered as an e-Book.

We also offer a course on this topic: Integrated Tactical Planning.

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