Achieving Class A Business Excellence


Achieving Class A Business Excellence

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Is your company challenged daily by a growing list of problems that, among others, include:

  • Revenue and profit falling short of projections?
  • Unacceptable customer service with customers threatening to walk?
  • New product introductions late with product deficiencies, disappointing the marketplace?
  • Warehouse overflowing with inventory while fill rate plummets?
  • Functional managers operating in silos, protecting only their turf…

… if so, then this book is a must-read!

This realistic depiction, Achieving Class A Business Excellence: An Executive’s Perspective, shows you how to achieve a comprehensive state of excellence that will enable your company to deliver outstanding and sustainable business results. The storyline chronicles the journey of Greg, a newly hired company president who, under increasing pressure, addresses a myriad of problems with traditional solutions only to find results getting even worse. His epiphany comes when he attends an “Effective Management” Business Excellence Seminar that focused on a top management process called Integrated Business Planning, a process that transcends traditional Sales & Operations Planning. In the seminar he is introduced to the concept of Class A Business Excellence and Class A Checklist tools.

The education, innovative processes, and proven, structured methodologies to which he and his leadership team commit guide them on their journey to business excellence. You’ll be there every step of the way, looking over Greg’s shoulder, as he listens, learns, and applies the principles from the various lessons taught. While the characters in the book are fictional, the people, the businesses, the situations, the challenges, the conversations, the conflicts, and the outcomes are based upon the authors’ extensive experiences, the success of their remarkable clients, and the collective knowledge of their colleagues in the Oliver Wight companies. Greg’s journey changes the way he manages, and changes the way every employee operates within his company. Achieving Class A can do the same for you and your business.

Dennis, Kevin, and Jim are educators, coaches, and mentors in the concepts and principles of Class A. Each has direct hands-on experience of making similar journeys in industry before joining Oliver Wight.

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Dennis Groves, Kevin Herbert, and Jim Correll