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Upcoming Events

Date City Principal Event TItle
2/14/17 to 2/16/17
Orlando, FL
Integrated Supply Chain Management Course
2/21/17 to 2/22/17
Orlando, FL
Integrated Business Planning Course
2/23/17 to 2/24/17
Orlando, FL
Demand Management Course
2/23/17 to 2/24/17
Orlando, FL
Master Scheduling Course
4/25/17 to 4/26/17
Houston, TX
Demand Labs Course
10/10/17 to 10/11/17
Newport Beach, California
Demand Labs Course

Author of the Month

James Matthews

Jim Matthews, an Oliver Wight principal and board member, is a consultant and educator providing companies with guidance in Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP), Demand Management, and CPFR® (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment).

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