Business Recovery & Renewal Planning Services

Our world is affected by ever-changing, unforeseen world events. Business disruption is inevitable. Leaders position themselves for an agile response when they anticipate the possibility of change.

Oliver Wight has more than 50 years of experience in change management. As history repeats itself, Oliver Wight is ready to help companies respond and adapt to changing business conditions – in the near-term, mid-term, and long-term. We have experience working with business leaders to create actionable plans that model the future.

To ensure that your company can adapt quickly to changing conditions, Oliver Wight advisors will make sure you understand the assumptions underpinning recovery and renewal plans. You’ll have scenarios to illustrate the outcome as conditions change quickly. Based on facts, you will be able to make informed decisions as the scenario unfolds.


What Is Business Recovery & Renewal Planning?

Oliver Wight’s approach deploys time-proven planning methods for managing change and uncertainty in a business. We will work with you to customize a plan that fits your immediate needs. These planning methods include:

  • Diagnostic Review – Diagnostic evaluation to determine your business’ unique market and supply chain challenges
  • Assumption Management – Use of assumptions upon which to base plans and identify when plans need to change
  • Integrated Scenario Planning – Creation of scenarios that take into account demand, supply capabilities, and financial needs
  • Integrated Tactical Planning – Integrated tactical plans for planning in the near-term and managing immediate changes in demand and supply
  • Inventory Governance – Inventory governance to ensure the right level and mix of inventory
  • Integrated Business Planning – Integrated business planning to link near- and mid-term plans to long-term plans and business goals

How We Help

Oliver Wight’s team of experts have experience in planning and managing under all sorts of business conditions. They know how to create plans that can be adapted when external forces disrupt business. They also know how to have contingencies prepared in advance. In doing so, gaining the most optimal business results is top of mind.

We offer the following Business Recovery & Renewal Planning Services:

  • Advising, coaching, and mentoring on the best planning approaches when the future is uncertain
  • Education and workshops to quickly develop the processes for planning the transition to a post-recovery and renewal business environment
  • Progress assessments to monitor the effectiveness of post-recovery and renewal planning and to help problem solve as issues arise

Value of Business Recovery & Renewal Planning

Those companies that make assumptions about the future and plan accordingly – and then adapt as conditions change – are best positioned to drive business growth in uncertain times. The organization has direction that spurs action rather than reluctance to make decisions. The ability to adjust as conditions change becomes a normal activity and skill.

Companies are able to out-maneuver their competitors in responding to customers. They also have the means – adaptability – to leverage opportunities in the marketplace and supply chain.

What Clients Say

“The Marzetti team had already developed the skill of planning based on assumptions. The leaders and managers were comfortable not knowing everything about the impact of the COVID virus. They still made assumptions and developed scenarios and plans. When more was known about the conditions, the assumptions driving scenarios and plans were updated. And the needed decisions were made.”

Navigating Good and Bad “Weather” Marzetti client profile

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