Successful Execution and the Role of Integrated Tactical Planning

Tired of Non-Stop Firefighting to Sell and Ship Product? Don’t Miss This Webinar.

To get out of crisis mode, companies are turning to Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP).

In this webinar, you’ll discover how middle managers use ITP to routinely re-align and re-optimize product, demand, and supply plans over the near term. Execution becomes far more reliable, and crises are minimized.

In this webinar, you will also learn:

  • How Integrated Tactical Planning works
  • Symptoms that indicate your company may benefit from ITP
  • Real life examples and lessons learned from organizations executing ITP

Presented by:
Todd Ferguson, Oliver Wight Americas
Rod Hozack, Oliver Wight Asia Pacific
Dawn Howarth, Oliver Wight EAME