About Us

Get what you deserve

When you talk to us about improving your business, we’ll assume you want results, not just better processes – things like increased revenues and margins and greater market share. If you have the desire, it is possible to make improvements that truly transform the performance of your organization and create more fulfilling roles for the people within it – from the bottom to the very top.

Simple but not straightforward

There is no silver bullet for business improvement. The essential ingredients are commitment, robust planning, hard work, and dedication. We promise you a practical, common-sense approach without using consultants’ jargon, focusing on simplifying complexity throughout your business and getting you tangible results.

Walking the talk

Oliver Wight doesn’t deal in theory. Our principals didn’t study business improvement at college. Before they joined Oliver Wight, each and every one of them played a major role in improving business performance at their organizations through successful transformation projects. They have all held senior positions in well-known companies across diverse industries, countries, and cultures. So, among them, there isn’t much they haven’t seen before.

Fresh thinking and experienced

Oliver Wight has a long-standing reputation for innovation and thought leadership. But we never, ever, rest on our laurels. We continually challenge the industry status quo and invest in our own learning, so you get the latest in fresh thinking around core business processes and their integration with people and technology.

Teach a man to fish…

…and you feed him for a lifetime; so the ancient Chinese proverb goes. Our approach is quite different from other consulting firms. Change isn’t something we do to you or for you. Instead, we transfer our knowledge to you and your people through coaching, mentoring, and education events, so you learn how to make improvements yourself and continue to do so, long after we have left.

A guiding hand

We see ourselves as your guides, coaching you and your people as you implement new processes and behaviors in your organization. Our role is to inspire, educate, facilitate, and mentor, providing insight and recognition for your achievements along the way. We’ll give you honest feedback, encouragement, and recommendations to make sure you keep on track to reach your goals.

Oliver Wight Corporate Brochure

Oliver Wight has a program specifically engineered to suit the very core of your business, focusing on your investment ranging from 300 to 3,000 percent. Learn more about our offerings by downloading the pdf.


Parting is such sweet sorrow

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. Once our work with you is done, we’ll leave with the full knowledge you have everything you need to meet the challenges of the future and to continue to drive improvement and sustain performance. Of course, if you ever do need any help from us along the way, we are always delighted to lend a hand.