Demand Management

When leaders don’t trust the demand plan or forecast, the different functions of the company often create their own. No one is on the same page, and the company struggles to fulfill orders. 

Class A Demand Management ensures that there is only one demand plan, and it is aligned with the supply and financial plans. 

The result: Fewer lost sales, improved market share, and increased credibility with customers, the Board, and The Street.


What is Demand Management

Demand management is influencing the level, timing, and composition of demand to accomplish a company’s business objectives and goals. As referenced by Philip Kotler, considered the father of marketing.

How We Help With Demand Management

Oliver Wight’s team of experts have hands-on experience implementing, operating, and leading the demand management process in companies. That makes them excellent advisors and educators with real-world experience who have walked in your shoes.

We offer the following demand management services:

  • Advising, coaching, and mentoring on how to utilize the process to drive results
  • Education and workshops to further understanding of best practices and how to design the process
  • Diagnostic and progress assessments to identify needed areas of improvement. These assessments address people skills and behaviors, process, and supporting tools

Value of Demand Management

When companies perform Demand Management well, they are more likely to become a top performer in their industry. Sales increase and market share grows. Marketing, sales, and supply costs are lower than their competitors.

Consensus is reached on the demand plan by the commercial leaders of the business. The accountabilities for executing the plan are clear.

Trust in the demand plan improves, and the supply and financial plan are based on the consensus demand plan – the focus shifts to working together to achieve the company strategy and business goals.

What Clients Say About Demand Management

“We needed to put in place a standardized process. We needed to develop reporting so people could visualize the demand information to make decisions. And the data structure had to be reorganized. All while still running the business.”   Leslie Garrone, Director of Demand Planning, Marzetti and Lancaster Colony Corporation – Marzetti’s success story

“There is greater visibility of our planned revenue versus the budget. We know whether we are expecting to hit the budget or not. With greater visibility down the road, we can plan how we will close the gap.”  Jim Drobnick, Sales Operations Director, Otter Products – Otter Products success story

Insights on Demand Management

White papers: authored by Oliver Wight thought leaders explaining the “whys and the hows” of making business process improvements

Webcasts and Videos: by Oliver Wight educators on Demand Management

Books: written by Oliver Wight thought leaders who have pioneered new thoughts and approaches to creating integrated, synchronized, and aligned business processes