Business Maturity Self-Assessment

To continue meeting customer demand efficiently and profitably in today’s constantly evolving market requires relentless performance improvement. But to attempt to make gains, simply by introducing the latest ‘flavor of the month’ initiative is likely to end in failure, significant cost, and disillusionment. It is vital to make the right improvements at the right time and in the right order.

Maturity Self-Assessment Tools

Assess your business maturity in Integrated Business Planning, Demand Management, Supply Chain Management, and Product & Portfolio Management using our free online self-assessment tool.


Quick and easy to complete, our self-assessments ask a series of straightforward questions to outline your organization’s capability and readiness for improvement. They establish what is required for you to progress from one phase to the next and achieve business excellence.

“Implementing process for the sake of process is never recommended.  Benchmarking against best practice and defining anticipated benefits is your first step forward.” Tom Strohl, President, Oliver Wight Americas, Inc.


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