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Oliver Wight’s Proven Path Methodology Ensures Success When Companies Follow it Step by Step

For more than 50 years, executive teams have relied on the Proven Path when implementing change and improvements. Why? It works. It shortens the time to results.

Once executive teams experience the Proven Path, it is not unusual for them to say: “I will never implement any significant change and improvement without using the Proven Path.”

The Proven Path approach results in a high likelihood of success, delivering the expected return on investment from the improvement initiative.


What Is the Proven Path

The Proven Path is designed to capture and leverage the intersection of “Project Management” and “Change Management.” This approach ensures that the implementation of change occurs in the order needed to guarantee success and not waste time and money.


How We Help

Oliver Wight’s team of experts have hands-on experience implementing improvements using the Proven Path. That makes them excellent advisors and educators on what is involved in each step of the Proven Path – and the risk in taking short-cuts.

We offer the following services in utilizing the Proven Path:

  • Advising, coaching, and mentoring on using the Proven Path to drive successful business improvements that yield the expected return on investment
  • Executive education on the leadership role in the improvement initiatives and change management
  • Education and workshops that focus on people becoming highly skilled and engaged in the design of the process improvements
  • Diagnostic and progress assessments to ensure the investment yields sustainable, long-term results

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Value of the Proven Path

When clients follow every step of the Proven Path, our clients have a 98 percent success rate in achieving their objectives.

Executives report that the Proven Path shortens the time to results. Use of the Proven Path gives the leadership team oversight without micromanaging to ensure the initiative progresses on pace. The leadership team also has a way to reinforce and support employees through feedback and integrated metrics.

Those involved in designing processes and implementing the improvements report that they are in better sync with the leadership team. The path forward is also much clearer.


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