Demand Management: Resources to grow your business

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Just get assigned to a new role in Demand or Forecasting and not sure where to turn for professional assistance?  There is help available!!!!  Whether you feel like you are riding the decks of the Titanic, or you need some minor tweaks to improve efficiency, Oliver Wight offers services focused on Demand Management process improvement.  As product manager for Demand at Oliver Wight, I recommend you investigate some resources that you may not be aware of.

Communication is the key to success in managing demand.  We offer a Demand Management Diagnostic Review to reveal gaps in your process and then open up dialog with the leadership team as to how to go about closing those gaps.   If you want to get into more detail on the topic, I recommend reading the book by Coco Crum and George Palmatier.  Documented within are the principles and best practices of Demand Management.

As the “resident expert”, I teach our Demand Management Courses along with my colleague, Timm Reiher.  We’ll walk you through definitions, responsibilities, and how to exploit opportunities and mitigate risk to execute strategy. We discuss collaboration, performance measurements, and the elements of Demand Management excellence.  And if that’s not enough detail for you, we have recently launched a new “hands-on” workshop, Demand Labs, a series of selected modules that mimic real life challenges that planners, forecast analysts, and others experience every day. One example we walk you through is how to incorporate inputs from various departments, plan at the aggregate level, and translate those plans into your detailed plan through the use of breakout exercises.

I welcome you to explore these services.  If you would like to discuss your company’s particular challenges and difficulties or discuss investment in any of our offerings, you can reach out to me.  Visit Todd Ferguson, Business Advisor, Oliver Wight Americas to find my contact information.

Demand Management: Resources to grow your business