Demand Management

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Demand Management Services from Oliver Wight


Progressive organizations engage in Demand Management to stimulate and influence anticipated need for products and services, consistent with their strategic objectives. This process involves more than just forecasting; it is a series of coordinated activities that encompasses planning demand, communicating demand, influencing demand, and managing and prioritizing demand. Assumptions and activities become pivotal and drive resulting numbers used for volume and financial projections. While multiple inputs and views are necessary to create a Demand Plan, a consensus plan is generated at least monthly, covering the entire planning horizon.

Demand Management

Fundamental Principles

Companies engaged in best practice Demand Management are distinguished by the following traits:

  • The Demand Plan is not a guess about what customers are going to buy. It is a request for product that you wish to have available because that is what you intend to sell.
  • The Demand Plan numbers are not wrong. It is usually the assumptions about the business (upon which the Demand Plan numbers were based) that are wrong.
  • Demand Management is a structured approach to mitigating risk and managing opportunity.
  • If the planning horizon does not extend beyond 24+ months, senior management does not have the time to anticipate, develop strategies and tactics, and then execute to ensure that the plan can be achieved.
  • Once the demand plan is approved through a formal Integrated Business Planning process the management team - including the entire commercial team - agrees to execute the resulting plan.

Oliver Wight Services

Oliver Wight provides education, coaching, and mentoring services to companies large and small on best practice demand management. We can start with a Diagnostic Review of your current processes, educate your leadership and staff on best practices, and provide coaching and mentoring while you implement and sustain. Contact us now.