Business Readiness Appraisal

Business disruption is increasingly common. Now more than ever before, businesses need to be ready to deal with internal and external volatility… they need to be agile and responsive without creating internal chaos while achieving positive outcomes.

Consider this question… what are you ready for? Not knowing which  improvement efforts will mitigate the most risk and yield the most favorable business results can cause debate that creates indecision.

Counsel from Oliver Wight’s advisors who are on the front lines of industries every day is invaluable. It creates awareness of how a company’s practices compare with the best in their industry and how improvement will benefit the organization.

The result: Discussions during the appraisal help unify the executive team. It brings about a common understanding of improvement choices. It offers a structured way for organizations to think about the future and develop a response plan to changing business conditions.



What Is a Business Readiness Appraisal? 

A Business Readiness Appraisal is an awareness-raising session for senior management. It involves talking one-on-one with your company’s executive leadership team. It is followed by the Oliver Wight advisor briefing the team on what current business processes and practices need to improvement to drive better business results.

The appraisal provides a context of industry best practices compared to your company’s current practices, processes, behaviors, and metrics. The appraisal also encourages a “give-and-take” discussion, facilitated by the Oliver Wight advisor, enabling the organization to think through all the possibilities that would empower them to minimize unwanted impacts and/or capitalize on opportunities.

These discussions are key to understanding of the choices that can be made to improve business performance.

How We Help With a Business Readiness Appraisal

Oliver Wight’s team of advisors has deep-rooted experience guiding business teams on the best ways to improve their business practices and processes. Their motivation in doing so is laser-focused on helping companies achieve their business aspirations and goals.

The Oliver Wight advisors offer the following expertise as part of a Business Readiness Appraisal:

  • The ability to talk easily with business leaders, so they are comfortable in sharing their perspectives and concerns
  • Years of industry experience helping companies deploy best practices
  • First-hand experience on what it takes to change – both in how work gets done and in the attitudes toward doing work differently
  • Facilitation skills that help business leaders discuss freely and express their visions and desires
  • Practical recommendations on whether – and how – to improve within the context of the company’s culture, leadership teamworking, and business goals and aspirations

Value of a Business Readiness Appraisal

A Business Readiness Appraisal helps business leaders sort the wheat from the chaff in deciding which improvement efforts will yield the greatest business results.

The perspective provided by the Oliver Wight advisor often causes business leaders to see potential that may have been hidden from view.

It also gives executives a better understanding of best practices utilized in their industry. This awareness informs discussions on ways to improve competitive position and financial performance.

Insights on Business Readiness Appraisals

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