Integrated Scenario Planning Workshop

A Virtual Hands-On Workshop for Creating Your Own Scenarios

With the COVID-19 pandemic, scenario planning has never been more important.

In this virtual hands-on workshop, we’ll show you how to create scenarios that address the recovery from the pandemic.

The deliverable: A playbook with scenarios that are relevant to your business. The playbook is critical to being agile and responsive to changing conditions. It also becomes a vital input to making decisions on how to most rapidly recover from the pandemic.

Here’s What Is Covered During the Workshop

The workshop is conducted in four 2-hour sessions. The sessions will be scheduled for the time that is most convenient for your team.

Here’s are the highlights of each session:

Session 1

  • Perspective and best practices
  • Elements of Integrated Scenario Planning
  • Scenario planning during a crisis

Session 2

  • Scenario analysis
  • Developing simulations
  • Understanding the consequences of each simulation

Session 3

  • Defining trigger points for action
  • Roles and responsibilities in implementing a response plan
  • Information resources that address the 2020 pandemic

Session 4

  • Monitoring  scenarios and adjusting as needed
  • Do’s and don’ts for scenario planning
  • Reviewing scenarios in Integrated Business Planning and Integrated Tactical Planning

Here’s What Is Covered During the Follow up

We stay engaged after the workshop by providing agreed upon support to:

  • Follow up on your progress in implementing the scenario planning framework
  • Updating your Integrated Scenario Planning Playbook
  • Coaching to monitor scenarios and update them as needed
  • Coaching on how to sustain the Integrated Scenario Planning process

The Value of Integrated Scenario Planning

Companies that perform scenario planning well are agile and responsive without creating internal chaos. They will be best positioned to recover from the pandemic.

Integrated Scenario Planning is…
A structured way for organizations to think about the future and manage change.


Integrated Scenario Planning considers…

  • What future conditions or events are probable and important.
  • What the consequences or effects will be.
  • How to respond to or benefit from the given situation.

An effective Integrated Scenario Planning process…

  • Is a routine part of a company’s planning process.
  • Integrates with Integrated Business Planning to support mid- and long-term plans.
  • Integrates with Integrated Tactical Planning to support near-term tactical choices.

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