What’s the Magic in 13 Weeks? Integrating the Master Schedule with Commercial and Product Teams

Some would point to the fact that four times a year, 13 weeks spans an entire quarter, good start. All too often it is a horizon that most companies have established as their Master Scheduling planning horizon.

This webinar breaks the thirteen-week horizon into discussion points and maps out what the challenges and decisions are at key points within 13 weeks. Once you’ve developed a Master Schedule, the next step is to share its output for the company to utilize these plans over the horizon.

During this webinar, we will take this supply-side process and show you how to integrate it with the Commercial and Product Development teams, leading to enriched discussion, enhanced integration, and financial stability in your company’s short term projections.

Learnings include:

  • Communicating the Master Schedule in a weekly format
  • Role of the Master Schedule within Integrated Tactical Planning
  • Integration points across the Master Schedule