e-Book – Gaining Control: Managing Capacity and Priorities, 3rd Edition


e-Book – Gaining Control: Managing Capacity and Priorities, 3rd Edition

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This update of Gaining Control focuses on the latest concepts, software and processes that exist today, and provides detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions on how and where to apply these tools to achieve success in managing and controlling your manufacturing operation. An added feature in this new edition is the introduction of the expectations of excellence as described in the Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence, Sixth Edition, along with the associated processes.

The book defines such concepts as Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) to provide a clear understanding of both their potential and pitfalls.

Other concepts explored and updated include Lean and Agile manufacturing, Six Sigma, and customer centricity, all of which can be applied individually or in combination to attain efficient operations in a single or multi-plant environment. This updated edition includes many practical illustrations, descriptive charts and detailed tables to enhance the learning process. In addition, specific steps are identified to follow along with the formulae for calculating performance metrics.

Authors James G. Correll and Kevin P. Herbert, Oliver Wight Business Advisors, have combined their expertise and experience gained from many client engagements where they have helped manufacturers use the technology and business processes detailed in this book to provide the practical guidance and answers you need to gain control of your operation.

To facilitate the learning experience, you will follow the story of Brian Miller, a manager in the out-of-control Hayes Tractor Company, as he and his colleagues learn the details of capacity and priority management, implement them successfully and then continue on the quest for improvement and venture into the future on their journey to Oliver Wight Class A Business Excellence certification. While the characters and companies are fictitious, the situations are based on actual events the authors encountered in their engagements. Readers will relate but will find the solutions perhaps far different than the ones they apply currently.

Gaining Control offers a detailed and practical approach that shows managers how to; construct routings and work centers, master dispatching and scheduling, implement detail capacity planning, control the work flow, apply rough-cut capacity planning, schedule to capacity constraints, eliminate waste and variability, and to link capacity management to other continuous improvement initiatives.

Also available in hard cover format.