What’s the Magic in the Next 13 Weeks? Communication Between All Levels!

The thirteen-week horizon is the domain of execution activities. So let’s make sure the plan is a realistic fit for our manufacturing, customer, and development needs. ASCM professionals will recognize it as a horizon that most companies have established as their Master Scheduling planning horizon.

David A. Goddard’s presentation breaks the thirteen-week horizon into discussion points, and maps out what the challenges and decisions are at key points within 13 weeks. Once you’ve developed a Master Schedule, the next step is to share its output for the company to utilize these plans. During this presentation, we will take this supply-side process, and show you how to integrate it with the Commercial and Product Development teams, leading to enriched discussion, enhanced integration, and financial stability in your company’s short-term projections.

Learnings include:

  • Communicating the Master Schedule in a weekly format
  • Role of the Master Schedule within Integrated Tactical Planning
  • Integration points to demand and product development across the thirteen-week horizon

*Presentation recorded during an ASCM PDM