Integrated Tactical Planning vs. Sales & Operations Execution: Similarities and Differences To Consider for Managing Near Term Changes

Interested in understanding the difference between Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP) and Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE)? Would you like to learn more about how successful companies improve business execution? Don’t Miss this webinar from Oliver Wight Business Advisors Todd Ferguson and Wilson Stefano Jr!

Many companies run weekly meetings, but struggle with an effective execution process to align product, demand and supply plans that can be counted on to provide the business with a credible near-term financial outlook.

Companies are turning to Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP) to focus on agile and efficient decision-making.

ITP is a middle-management process that routinely re-aligns and re-optimizes core process plans. It provides a chaos-free way for cross-functional teams to manage near-term changes to plans. It is also intended to make the most efficient use of resources.

Discover how middle managers should use ITP as a business process to routinely re-align and re-optimize the plans over the near term.

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