How to Leverage Forecasting and a Demand Control Process to Improve Customer Service

Recorded: Thursday, May 18, 2017

A sound approach to creating a Demand Plan is to integrate statistical forecasts with input from other parts of the organization—including sales and marketing. As companies strive to put these principles into practice, many find that implementing these processes can be quite challenging.

In this educational, one-hour webinar, you will learn from Todd Ferguson, principal with Oliver Wighthow to leverage multiple views to create an accurate Demand Plan. Among the topics he will address are:

  • identifying the views that are essential for creating the most accurate Demand Plan for your organization
  • understanding how important the assumptions are when considering different views of demand
  • realizing the advantages each of the following views offers:
  • product management
  • marketing
  • sales
  • business strategy

Todd will review the best practices for developing a Demand Plan and—using Oliver Wight’s Class A Standard for Business Excellence framework—assess which are satisfied by incorporating multiple views of demand. This session will include a demonstration of Forecast Pro showing how the software manages and reconciles multiple-view forecasts.