What is Demand Control?

Recorded Webinar June 7, 2016

One certainty about the best laid plans is that something will always go wrong. The decision is, then, how to respond, particularly when it impacts you and your company in the short term and difficult choices and decisions need to be made. While Demand Management and Forecasting look to the future, you need a process to help bring order to this short-term chaos. That’s when you need Demand Control.

Developed by Oliver Wight, Demand Control is a series of formal processes for communication and decision-making to keep demand and supply synchronized when demand materializes differently than planned within the near-term. Coupled with a strong Demand Planning software solution, Demand Control allows companies to react in a thoughtful and profitable manner when change occurs, resulting in better performance and improved working environments.

Watch Oliver Wight and DynaSys in this one-hour webinar to learn about Demand Control and the importance of tying processes and technologies together.

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • What is and isn’t Demand Control
  • When to implement Demand Control
  • How does Demand Planning software support Demand Control
  • How does Demand Control tie with Demand Planning software to improve customer service and data accuracy.


Todd Ferguson, an Oliver Wight Business Advisor


Dan Allen, Senior Solution Consultant with DynaSys