Optimizing your Supplier Scheduling Process

Learn how to improve your overall business results through better partnerships and collaboration with your key partners.

In this one-hour webinar, we review the most effective way to approach supplier collaboration including how to organize the program, secure executive support, and approach prospective partners. We discuss the fundamental building blocks of how to optimize top- and bottom-line results and operational performance improvements across your supplier base, and ensure that this is leveraged up and through your organization, having a powerful effect on your customers.

The webcast covers best practices on how to:

  • Extend your Supply Chain integration by deploying proven best practices in designing, implementing, and executing the supplier scheduling process.
  • Properly approach, select, and conduct business more effectively with your most critical trading partners and create the necessary “win- win” partnership
  • Link the relevant key objectives and goals of your company to supplier requirements and performance
  • Distinguish supplier agreements from supplier arrangements

Presenters: Oliver Wight Business Advisors – Jim Matthews, Steve Souza