Winning Teams Know to Trust Their Team Members

In business, as in sports, the aspect that distinguishes the best teams from the mediocre teams comes down to collaboration. Yet many times, companies struggle with sharing and aligning functional plans.

Too often, managers put their heads down and focus only on their own departments. But setting goals in functional silos, and then hoping that everything works itself out across the organization, is an unlikely path to success.

Instead, if they trust and coordinate with their cross-functional counterparts through an S&OP or IBP process, they will be better able to synchronize plans. Doing so ensures that what they’re doing as an entire team will enable achievement of the company’s overall business objectives — which often represents the difference between success and failure.

That leads to the question:  What can we do in Demand Planning to drive better cross-functional collaboration, and ensure that the demand plan can be trusted?

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • What role does Sales and Marketing play in building cross-functional trust?
  • What makes a demand plan trustworthy?
  • How can you improve the trustworthiness of your demand planning process?