Strategies for New Product Success – Ways to Better Plan, Collaborate, and Launch

This webinar presents case examples of how companies are improving the success of new products through improved planning and collaboration internally and externally. The pressure for faster adoption of new products has never been greater. The desire for fast adoption can lead to chaos in getting the product to market, higher inventory, product shortages with individual customers, and increased costs. Dan Spatz, an Oliver Wight Business Advisor, and Greg Spira, (Former) Forecasting Lead NA at Mondelez, will share their experiences in helping companies to better plan, collaborate, and launch new products. They will discuss how Integrated Business Planning is the linchpin for managing the total product portfolio, including introducing new products more successfully in the market place.

You’ll learn:
  • How companies are improving new product success through Integrated Business Planning.
  • How a monthly Product Management Review facilitates improved planning, collaboration, and launch of new products as well as managing the product portfolio.
  • How Integrated Business Planning opens the door to better collaboration with customers and suppliers for successful new product introductions.
  • From case examples, the practical steps companies take in using IBP and a Product Management Review to improve new product success.