Becoming a Trusted Advisor: The Impact of Bias on Credibility

Do people trust your demand plan?

In a demand management process a great deal of effort is spent each month assembling, gaining consensus to, and publishing a demand plan. Having a consensus plan is the foundation for effective Integrated Business Planning. All too often, however, companies put in the effort but don’t realize the benefits. It often comes down to an issue of credibility. Leaders make decisions and operate on that which they trust, and if they don’t trust the demand plan, they will most likely adjust, override, or flat-out ignore it.

In this webinar we will explain how to improve the credibility of demand management by measuring the bias of the demand plan and addressing the behaviors that introduce bias into the planning process.

What you will learn:

  • What is Bias and how does it affect credibility and trust
  • How to measure and communicate Bias
  • Drivers of Bias and strategies to eliminate it

Presented by Timm Reiher