Gaining and Retaining High-Performing Millennial Talent Is Simple: It’s All About the Business

Presented By: Leon Dixon, Oliver Wight Principal | Webcast Recorded: September 7, 2016

  • Webcast Highlights:Attraction: Communication and social outlook
  • Education and Technology: Perceptions and realities
  • Work-life integration
  • Millennials and stage-of-life…are we really all that different?
  • Business and personnel benefits of a Class A planning process

Your next generation of high-performers aren’t enticed through vacations and benefits plans, but by the brand itself…and they’re retained by how well the business is run. Not surprisingly, these two are aligned.

Millennials are different – or so the studies show. Yet, in these differences, there are several simple truths about attraction, education, communication, connection, motivation, and “technolification” which can help not only in gaining and retaining your next generation of employees, but in running a better business.

In this webcast we will identify the needs of Millennials and draw parallels of those needs to sound business planning practices.