Want to Execute Your Strategy and Improve Financial Performance? Focus on Demand Management.

People in Demand Management roles, as well as executives who are in charge of Finance or Strategy, will all benefit from watching this one-hour pre-recorded webinar that details the importance and mechanics of tying Demand Management to Strategy via the proven process of Integrated Business Planning.

Oliver Wight Business Advisor, Todd Ferguson, a seasoned veteran in Demand Management and Integrated Business Planning, will describe three key areas that require focus and competence in linking Demand Management to strategy:

  • Developing a continuous communication culture
  • Driving decisions to the right level
  • Telling the story quickly

Todd shares case examples of the advantages companies gain by identifying potential problems early on in executing strategy. He shows how having the time to develop contingency plans increases the likelihood that the strategies and financial goals are achieved.

Viewers are shown examples of dashboards and other visuals that give executives a quick grasp on how well strategies are being executed and that inspire decision making.

Want to know how the marketplace currently handles its demand management processes? Read this pre-webinar survey of more than 40 registrants of the webinar: