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George Palmatier

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George Palmatier, principal, has helped many companies that make everything from soup to satellites in implementing integrated management processes and is recognized as an expert on integrated Sales & Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning and Demand Management. Examples of clients George has worked with include: P&G, Caterpillar, Abbott Labs, Lockheed-Martin, Starbucks, Mars, Simmons Foods, Motorola, and Heinz Foods.

George works with clients to formalize and integrate their strategic plans into an integrated business management process, Integrated Business Planning (IBP). He is a recognized leader in integrating business management processes ensuring alignment and synchronization of the entire enterprise in pursuit of company goals and objectives. He helps companies in integration of their internal processes and integration with trading partners in Integrated Supply Chain Management.

With nearly twenty years of experience as a practitioner in sales, marketing, strategic planning, and general management, George has a thorough knowledge of how to achieve sustained results improving business performance.

During his 11 years as vice-president of sales and marketing at Bently Nevada Corporation (now part of General Electric), George was responsible for bringing the sales and marketing departments into an Integrated Business Planning process. Bently Nevada was one of the pioneers in developing and implementing a truly integrated Sales & Operations Planning process connecting strategy to execution.

George has authored numerous articles and has lectured the world over. He is also a member of The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

He co-authored one of the first books on the key role of sales and marketing in manufacturing: The Marketing Edge: The New Leadership Role of Sales and Marketing in Manufacturing. George is co-author of the books: The Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning, Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning, and a book entitled Demand Management - Best Practices - Process, Principles and Collaboration.

George earned a BS in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology and completed the Marketing Management Program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.


I am thrilled to write a recommendation for George I am happy to recommend George as an outstanding IBP and Demand educator and coach, a true leader in the field and he is great person who will always be open, honest and engaging. I know George in three ways first as an outstanding provider of business coaching on not only the Oliver Wight methods for Integrated Business Planning, also for his pioneering integration of sales and marketing with demand management. He helped me and our team at DuPont unlock tremendous value and sustain that performance over years. Second George shares his personal wisdom on his daily email blast and author of great books like the "Marketing Edge" and "Demand Management - Best Practices", its always right on target and comes from earning the knowledge. Third as a personal mentor to me, taking time to listen and give sound advice at critical points in my career.

Peter Murray - Managing Director, Sustainable Value Chain Solutions

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