Alberto Fonseca Diaz

Business Advisor

Alberto Fonseca Diaz, a business advisor with Oliver Wight, assists companies with large Spanish-speaking populations throughout their implementation of process improvement initiatives leading to an Oliver Wight Class A performance level.

He has significant experience in world-wide companies in the petrochemical, metal mechanic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries as well as consumer goods. His background includes executive and managerial duties of different strategic processes; supply chain management, logistics, sales and project leadership. Some of these companies include Abonos Colombianos, Carboquímica, Vecol, Pelikan, Berol, and Norton e Cie.

Prior to joining Oliver Wight, Alberto worked directly with the management team and executives of Yanbal Colombia to achieve MRP II / ERP Class A performance. During his 10 years with Yanbal, his responsibilities included strategic planning, supplier relationships, Sales & Operations Planning, new product development, and education in planning and control, S&OP, and continuous improvement.

As General Manager of Yanbal Bolivia, he managed and led the Strategic, Commercial, Distribution and Operational restructuring in order to achieve full integration of the Bolivian site with Yanbal International’s corporate structure. This was supported in a formal, best practice S&OP/IBP, Demand (Sales, Relationship Marketing) and operational process. Together with the organization’s team, he delivered achievements in profitability, service levels, working capital, internal and external sales force professionalization, strengthening of differentiation and entry barriers against competitors. The company was recognized as “BEST AESTHETIC LINE 2003” with the “MAYA FUTURO” prize, awarded in La Paz, Bolivia, on June 1, 2004.

Alberto also provided education, training, and coaching during the development of Oliver Wight projects with its clients in Colombia: Corona Group (S&Lav, Pisos&Paredes, Locería Colombiana, Sumicol, and Decorados), Mundial Group (Global de Pinturas), Crystal Group (Vestimundo, Calcetería) / Jef – Punto Blanco and other brands, Bavaria, SABMiller Latam; and also foreign clients such as: Avon Argentina, ESSEN Argentina, General Mills, Venezuela. He participated on Oliver Wight’s team for the certification in Class A for Operational Excellence for Abbott Laboratories and led the same certification process for Sanitarios & Lavamanos Corona, in a project which, in its initial stages, was developed in only eight months for the implementation of S&OP/IBP and planning and control processes.

Alberto received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, and Top Management program also from Universidad de Los Andes, and has attended other educational and specialization meetings and conferences on management, coaching and on implementation of Change Processes focused on developing team work as a strategic advantage. He is currently a member of the Endevor Colombia Mentors Team.