Darryl Landvater

Business Advisor

Darryl Landvater, an Oliver Wight business advisor, has been on the leading edge of supply chain processes and systems for over 35 years as a practitioner, consultant, educator, and software architect. He has written two books, holds three patents, was the consultant for pioneering implementations in a number of different industries, and has an excellent track record for success at all levels of the supply chain; both within an organization and between trading partners.

Darryl has worked in all geographic regions and with companies spanning a broad range of industries and businesses. These include textiles (Milliken), shipbuilding (General Dynamics Electric Boat), capital equipment (Houdaille), component parts (SKF), pharmaceuticals (Abbott), retail (Sony Canada), and consumer package goods/retail integration (Kraft and Sam’s Club/Walmart). He is known for client success including new and innovative approaches. His work with Milliken was a breakthrough for textiles with implementations in over twenty plants; integrating planning all the way from yarn through fabric and finishing. His work with General Dynamics on the Seawolf nuclear submarine demonstrated the remarkably adaptive nature of these processes and systems in a completely different type of business. Darryl’s store-level/extended supply chain work includes Kraft, Sam’s Club/Walmart, Sony, and Princess Auto, and proves the integrated supply chain – from point of sale through raw material – is both feasible and highly profitable.

Darryl was one of the original Oliver Wight consultants working closely with Oliver Wight himself – both in consulting engagements and education – through books, video education, and seminars. Darryl is a frequent speaker, a former teacher trainer in the Peace Corps, and has a BS in Engineering Physics from Cornell.

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