Kai Trepte

Business Advisor

Kai Trepte is an Oliver Wight business advisor who supports company leaders in increasing profitability and agility through supply chain management and Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Kai has deep experience using data science to analyze supply chain performance and vast knowledge of how to achieve strategic and tactical alignment with IBP.

As a co-founder of John Galt Solutions, Kai created and managed deployment methodology for ForecastX and the Atlas Planning Suite, a set of globally scalable, enterprise-level SAAS supply chain products. In addition, he developed executive education courses. Following his work at John Galt, he led distributed tech teams in game-changing IBP implementations for Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

Kai has made extensive contributions to publications on the topic of the supply chain and has been an MIT lecturer. He developed case study-based training for executive teams focused on operationalizing strategy through IBP. His cross-asset expertise combines knowledge of statistical analysis, business development, applied econometrics, and strategic marketing with his extensive experience in process development, teaching, and technical skills to support impactful business solutions.

Kai earned his Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Computer Science at Macalester College.