Jose Luis Jorquiera

Business Advisor

Jose Luis Jorquiera, a business advisor with Oliver Wight, coaches managers and executives to lead companies to Class A certification in a variety of environments, teaching them to combine People, Processes, and Tools to obtain benefits and Class A results. He works with his clients in Latin America on topics from Integrated Business Planning through Execution.

His client companies have included Grupo San Fernando, Ebel International, Nabisco, Transandina de Alimentos, Quimica Suiza, and Avon. With Jose Luis’s assistance, Warner Lambert Peru achieved Class A Operational Excellence in Planning and Control in November of 1999. In 2006, Yobel Costume Jewelry achieved similar recognition. Jose Luis has guided three divisions of General Mills to achieve Class A Operational Excellence in Planning and Control; Argentina in April of 2008, Mexico in July of 2009, and Venezuela in November of 2009. SAB Miller Peru – Backus- was certified Capable in Planning and Control in October 2011. In 2013, assisted with Class A in IP&C for two companies in Peru EXSA, and Soldex as well as for Celomate in Argentina.

Before joining Oliver Wight, Jose Luis worked for Antigua Drogueria Francesa in production planning and purchasing. He was the operations manager at ARDAL and general manager at Yanbal in Mexico. In Peru, at Unica del Peru, he was a leader in MRP II and ERP where he supported the management team and the executive committee in their efforts to be certified as a Class A MRP II company.

A member of APICS, Jose Luis majored in economics at the University of Lima and has done post-graduate studies in finance at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, logistics at Escuela Superior de Administracion de Negocios (ESAN), and strategic management at Universidad del Pacifico.