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Dennis Groves

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Dennis Groves, a principal since 2000, has more than 35 years of experience as a consultant and a practitioner. He served as Chairman of Oliver Wight Americas for nine years and was President of Oliver Wight International, the governing board for all world-wide divisions of Oliver Wight. He has worked with process and discrete manufacturers in consumer goods, foods, pharmaceuticals, and many other industries. Among his client companies are Mondeléz International, Solutia, Schick & Wilkinson Sword, Watson Pharmaceutical, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, John Deere, and Schering-Plough. He has taught numerous classes in Sales & Operations Planning, supplier planning and control, integrated planning and scheduling, data structures and bills of material, and inventory record accuracy.

Prior to joining Oliver Wight, Dennis played key roles in several successful Class A MRP II implementations. Over the years, his supply chain management (SCM) experience has ranged from strategic, high-level issues to practical, yet critical areas such as supplier scheduling.

While he was an internal Integrated Business Planning consultant with Procter & Gamble (P&G), he personally led two of the company’s North American businesses to Class A. In addition, he was a key player on the team with other P&G and Oliver Wight consultants responsible for the successful Class A certifications of more than a dozen other business units.

Dennis is co-author of the newest Oliver Wight publication, An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence and also coauthored the book Achieving Class A Business Excellence - An Executive’s Perspective. A registered Professional Engineer, Dennis is a member of APICS and has both his CFPIM and CIRM certifications. He is also a member of the American Management Association and a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. His article, “Sharing the Vision, an Enterprise Fable,” was published in Mid-Range ERP. He received his BIE from The Ohio State University. 

Dennis has extensive industry and process experience and knowledge. He has been a leader in developing and deploying world class processes for integrated business planning. He quickly and accurately assessed our operations, provided frameworks for improvement, and supported our efforts  to ensure our success. His capable guidance accelerated our progress and results. 

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