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Oliver Wight private courses produce results in the shortest time. Our private courses are designed to help you overcome the common roadblocks and problems that can delay your projects. When people understand how the new system works, they will make the necessary changes to improve performance.

A private education program is individually tailored by Oliver Wight instructors to meet your special needs and requirements and held at your on-site location. The courses listed in the Public Courses section can be taught in their entirety or tailored according to the needs of the attendees and the goals of the company.

The Oliver Wight instructor focuses the material on the fundamental topics crucial to your company. Examples of your company’s parts and products can be included in the discussions and materials.

The following courses can be brought in-house:

The following courses are conducted in Spanish:

The following course is conducted in Portuguese:

Contact an Oliver Wight representative to discuss your particular education requirements, and learn how we can align our course program with your company’s goals.