Inventory Record Accuracy Course

Through focusing on how to organize an Inventory Record Accuracy program in 90 days or less, this nuts-and-bolts seminar will show you how to produce a minimum of 95 percent record accuracy and eliminate physical inventory. You’ll also learn how to develop an ongoing cycle-counting program to routinely audit and maintain the Inventory Record Accuracy program. And you’ll gain an understanding of why obtaining and maintaining accurate inventory records is a core competency for successfully operating MRP II and Lean/Agile.

People who are responsible for inventory records and their accuracy should attend this course. These include representatives from the stockroom, warehouse, shipping and receiving, production and inventory control, distribution, systems and data processing, cost accounting, auditors, and MRP II, Distribution Resource Planning, and Lean/Agile implementation team members.

Duration: Two days

Watch the one-hour Inventory Record Accuracy webcast for free.

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