Business Excellence Course

Our three-day Business Excellence course is the accepted standard for business process integration and improvement best practices.

This course provides the foundation for understanding how to operate the company as an integrated business and the multiple transitions on its journey to excellence. The instructors demonstrate the crucial role of Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) in meeting today’s targets and re-optimizing the business in response to change fully supported by effective sub-processes for managing demand, supply, and product.

Covered in the course is the Oliver Wight Diagnostic Review – an assessment of current processes against best practices as contained in the Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence. This enables the attendees a vision of future expectations based on strategic and competitive priorities and an outline of the necessary steps to close gaps in performance.

Detailed in this course is the Oliver Wight Proven Path implementation methodology, the most current evolution of a process proven to be successful over 30 years of use. Attendees will see their role in implementing and managing through integrated business processes as well as the introduction of new, accelerated management processes throughout the supply chain. The instructors provide a thorough understanding of the process characteristics and behaviors required to achieve Class A.

This recognized, industry-standard course is the only course available in the U.S. to provide such a broad, yet deep understanding of excellence in all business processes and their integration into one management agenda, while also including the underpinning behaviors required for success.

Duration: Three Days

Contact an Oliver Wight representative to request a private course or to discuss your particular education needs and requirements, and learn how we can align our course program with your company’s goals.

This course is also offered in Spanish.