Managing in an Economic Downturn Course

Managing in an Economic Downturn: Survive Today and Prepare for the Future is an intense, one-day course developed by Oliver Wight exclusively for chief executive officers and their direct reports. An economic downturn tests a leader’s skills and mettle. The instructors will introduce executives and their top-level associates to a management approach for succeeding during a poor business economy and how to plan to take advantage of a recovering economy. The management approach will emphasize critical thinking, scenario planning, and integration of business management planning and decision-making techniques.

Business executives struggling with dwindling sales and falling revenues during an economic downturn very often become obsessed with the day-to-day turmoil to the exclusion of everything else relating to company operations. Surviving until the market shows signs of growth is, of course, a major priority. However, the real future of the company is in its ability to lead the competition during the inevitable economic recovery. Effectively focusing on today’s problems while also charting a business strategy to take advantage of future prosperity in the new growth economy will set a business apart from its competition.

  • Learn how to define and implement the critical strategies that will enable you to increase market share during the downturn
  • Learn details about the process for making the tough or best decisions with an integrated view of the business
  • Learn about the new integrated reconciliation process and how to build fully integrated scenarios for leadership team consideration
  • Learn about managing change and how to define and use complete assumptions about business drivers
  • Learn how to use the Sales and Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning process and its 24-month planning horizon capability

The best executives make the tough decisions about markets and products when the environment is at its worst. What is done at the top level sets the tone for the business, the investors, and the employees. The executive management processes of Strategic Planning, Business Planning, and Sales and Operations Planning are at the core of Integrated Business Management and are critical to surviving today and preparing for the future.

Duration: One Day

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