Managing the Extended Supply Chain Course

Understand, design, and manage the complete supply chain for value with Oliver Wight’s supply chain management course.

This interactive course enables managers to understand their company’s position in the extended supply chain and how it may be optimized for best customer service and business performance. Your instructors show how to design the extended supply chain for identified business groups and how it should be managed and controlled as an integrated part of the business. The instructors describe appropriate application dependent on the maturity levels of current processes.

The course is based on case studies and exercises. Contents include the basic understanding of the extended supply chain and identifies areas for business gain; it includes how to group products and customers to enable effective supply chain design; it includes the use of ERP systems and the role of Integrated Business Management; and it includes the role of people in managing an effective supply chain and the opportunities for improvement through process acceleration and value stream focus.

This course is the foundation course for understanding the extended supply chain and gives a firm basis for follow-up design and implementation workshops. It is suitable for all managers involved in designing, implementing, and managing within the extended supply chain and also for other key decision makers at all levels of the organization.

Duration: Two days

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