ERP: Successful Implementation Course

This hands-on, how-to course is your Proven Path to success. You’ll find out how to successfully implement MRP II and acquire the tools to measure progress — and get a road map to achieving Class A.

Participants also learn how to gain measurable results in three to five months by implementing Quick-Slice MRP — and how to use those results to transition to a company-wide implementation. Whether you’re implementing or re-implementing MRP II, our instructors will pass on to you their hands-on expertise gained from years of experience in positions of accountability for results.

Instructors review how to gain top management commitment, how to assign responsibilities, how to organize, select, and manage the project team effectively, and how to guide your company’s implementation along the Oliver Wight Proven Path to Class A results.

Contact an Oliver Wight representative to request a private course or to discuss your particular education needs and requirements, and learn how we can align our course program with your company’s goals.

Duration: Two days