Master Data Integrity Course

A master data management course that teaches how to establish formal processes and data ownership to ensure the data asset stays in control and creates value

This hands-on master data management course is designed to demonstrate the critical role of master data and its integrity as a cornerstone of a company’s quest for Business Excellence. Enabling an ERP system to contribute value to the enterprise relies on many factors. One foundational principle which cannot be overlooked is the establishment of a base understanding of master data elements and the establishment of formal processes to manage master data integrity. Our courses, led by Oliver Wight’s experienced principals, aid in these endeavors.

This is a practical, interactive course, which is also designed to demonstrate the purpose of master data management, the importance of accuracy and integrity of the data, and the critical role of an engineering change management control process. The Proven Path approach methodology, as applied to data management integrity processes, will be introduced.

Oliver Wight’s Master Data Integrity Courses

The instructors will survey the key types of business master data and drill into those elements that are the key to ensuring that the ERP system enables and is capable of supporting an integrated planning and control environment. This master data management course will include, by way of examples, both static and transactional data integrity implications and considerations. The course includes insights into the impact of data integrity on business results and how to establish formal processes and data ownership to ensure the data asset stays in control and creates value. Learnings from our data integrity courses will be applicable across the broad spectrum of the Enterprise Data set.

Managers and all members of the business who have direct data management accountability, responsibility, or are interactive users of ERP-supplied business information will benefit from the lessons learned from this course.

Duration: Three days

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