Plant Scheduling and Capacity Management Course

This course is filled with practical advice on how to plan resources, schedule work, and manage capacities in batch, flow, and cellular environments. You’ll learn how to make the transition from informal systems that perpetuate inefficient practices, such as hot lists, to formal systems, like Capacity Requirements Planning. The instructors will show you how to gain control of your manufacturing operations by implementing and using the tools and techniques available today.

Our instructors provide step-by-step, common-sense solutions to the most serious problems that manufacturing companies face today in their struggles to gain a competitive edge. You’ll leave this course with the ability to contribute to your company’s competitive advantage by cutting lead times, increasing productivity, and improving on-time customer deliveries.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to go beyond the daily problems that take place on most shop floors and create an environment with a built-in competitive edge. It’s for people who manage capacity and schedules in manufacturing companies.

Duration: Two days

Contact an Oliver Wight representative to request a private course or to discuss your particular education needs and requirements, and learn how we can align our course program with your company’s goals.