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Todd Ferguson

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Todd Ferguson is an Oliver Wight principal and Demand Management expert. As a consultant and educator, he assists companies with overcoming Supply Chain challenges and implementing solutions, with a concentration in the disciplines of Demand Management and Integrated Business Planning. His subject knowledge spans a range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, fashion and apparel, and heavy industry and chemical industries. Current clients include Huntsman Chemical, Cargill, Bridgestone, General Electric, and Tiffany.

Todd’s experience includes people and process improvement and hands on implementation of tools including SAP APO Demand Planning. He led the implementation of a Demand Management function for Weir Oil & Gas, an upstream oil and gas leader that specializes in the manufacture of high-pressure well service pumps and related flow control equipment. In this role, he drew on his skill as a Demand Planning expert to help define and continuously improve the company’s Integrated Business Planning process. Todd has a deep understanding of the underlying tools required to support an effective Demand Management process.

At St. Jude Medical, he was directly involved in the design and implementation of an SAP Demand Planning solution for this international medical device manufacturer, and was asked to lead a cross-functional team in the development of a global Sales & Operations Planning process.

During his time at Pilgrim’s Pride, a Fortune 500 global food manufacturer, Todd was tasked with building a consensus demand planning process using SAP APO Demand Planning. Individual planning books were configured for the salesforce, and, together with demand history and promotional activity, a consensus demand plan was formed and communicated to Supply Chain. Among benefits realized from gathering and utilizing several demand planning inputs was a more accurate projection of demand, with improved assumptions. Applicable metrics were established and reviewed through simplified Business Intelligence reporting, with family-level detail highlighted as part of the monthly Demand Review process.

Todd has held positions in sales and marketing, order fulfillment, Demand Planning, and Demand Control. He has presented on the subject of Demand Management to industry conferences and graduate-level classes, and is a member of APICS, earning his Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designation. Todd is the lead instructor of the Oliver Wight Public Demand Management classes. He holds a BA (Economics) from the University of British Columbia.

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